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(1) It is an offence for a person to make an indecent assault on a woman.
Additionally, all the states have "Estupro" laws that can, upon complaint of the family (or minor be used to prosecute adults who engage in sexual intercourse with minors by seduction or deceit (the exact definitions of this crime vary by state, see section estupro, above).
(2) A girl under the age of sixteen cannot in law give any consent which would prevent an act being an assault for the purposes of this section.State (and the District of Columbia) has its own age of consent.Department of Justice Canada.151 (Sexual Interference.20 Defilement of girls under sixteen years of age, etc.Cayman Islands (United Kingdom) The age of consent in Cayman Islands.Mexico Legislative framework In Mexico, criminal legislation is shared between the federal and state governments.Anal intercourse in Canada Section 159 of the Criminal Code criminalizes anal intercourse, but provides exceptions for a husband and wife, and any two persons 18 years of age or older.Central America range from 14 to 18.
Rape in the second degree (a) Any person over 18 years of age who perpetrates under circumstances not amounting to rape in the first degree, an act of sexual intercourse or sodomy with a person not the perpetrator's spouse who is at least 16 years.
Modern laws vary, and there may be multiple ages that apply in any jurisdiction.
(1) A person sixteen years of age or over but under twenty-one years of age is not liable under section 18 if (a) he is less than three years older than the child against whom he is purported to have perpetrated the offence; (b).There is a crime called volwassen dating vancouver estupro stipulated in Article 180, which refers to consented sex with adolescents aged 12 to 18, when consent is obtained through any means of deceit.Email Addresses: Address: The purpose of the site is informational and educational, and is not a substitute for medical advice.Retrieved "Caribbean GBV Law Portal: Country Resources: British Virgin Islands - UN Women Multi-Country Office Caribbean"."Age of sexual consent raised to 18".19 The age of consent was raised from 14 to 16 in the spring of 2008, when the Tackling Violent Crime Act became effective.We can help, inquiry into Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.These laws are situational and are subject to interpretation.There is another crime in Article 262 for consented sex with adolescents aged 12 to 18, when consent is obtained through deceit."The Government of The Bahamas - Home".

The age of consent use to be 15, but it was increase in recent years after a legal reform.