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Permalink, raw Message, tax windfall boosts NSW surplus, in recent weeks I've spent a bit of time discussing the existence of sockpuppet armies on usenet.
One, in particular, the ljhfoS, has been quite active.
I find it bizarre that there are people out there who imagine that it's a good use of their time to create massive numbers of multiple identities, essentially so they can spam the rating system.
Most people don't bother, even if they agree.It seems then that I have to revise upwards my estimate of the size of the ljhfoS to something more in the vicinity of 50, although one post.Really, it's not so much dishonest as stupid.It's always hard to gauge how big particualar armies are - a while ago I imagined that the ljhfoS had about 9-12 identities, but this post above is telling.In that time, it has been rated an astonishing 51 times.Similarly, a post I made (just before reading the post above) on whaling scored 21 ratings - all negative - in the space of about five minutes.Do they really think that someone with something other than a pea for a brain will look more favourably on a post on the basis that ostensibly, 51 people have rated in with five stars, or discouraged because 40 people have said it was not.It seems unlikely to me that there would be 51 people posting regularly to this newsgroup, leave aside 51 all waiting with bated breath.19 to read a copy and paste about NSW tax policies.
One I saw by one of thje most persistent and obsessive c p spammers, who goes by the nick "Bonzo" had 48 ratings within just a few minutes.
I saw last night had 80 ratings.
Most of them are probably "Bonzo who, precisely because he's so busy, never has time to do much more than copy and paste.The time stamp says.19pm, ontmoeting met de vrouw eens and I first noticed it.30.Again, it seems improbable that 21 people would be moved in that time to do anything in here.Anything above five ratings is suspicious, particularly if they are unanimously positive or negative, but in the case above, on the face of it, 51 separate people rated the LJH identity within 11 minutes - one every 15 seconds - all of them agreeing, apparently.I post a bit in obal-warming and the fact that that group is dominated by posts from identities singing from the Fred Singer hymn sheet published at Denier Central despite the paucity of tinfoil hatted deniers out there in the actual community becomes a hell.Now I've been around this place for a fair while, and since the rating system came in, in practice, most posts are unrated and even those that are tend not to attract more than a couple of ratings.It's a funny old world.

The person doing this simply invites derision.
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