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Eigen is a pure template library defined in the headers.
It implements both a 3D interactive globe and a 2D (slippy) map KDE (our origins!) Step, an educational physics simulator.
CppNumericalSolvers is a lightweight header-only library for non-linear optimization including various flirten finder verzending solvers: CG, L-bgfs-B, CMAes, Nelder-Mead.
Bei Bildkontakte bist du in guten Händen.IRC Channel Our IRC channel is #eigen.Partnersuche geht auch einfach - mit Bildkontakte.Contents, eigen.3.2 released!Wir haben Ihnen wichtige Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen in unserem.
Link to source code and documentation Bindings The RcppEigen package provides bindings and more for.
Tim Davis AMD reordering simplicial sparse Cholesky factorization adapted from SuiteSparse Julien Pommier SSE implementation of exp, log,cos, sin math functions from GMM Yousef Saad IncompleteLUT preconditioner coming from itsol Minpack authors Algorithms for non linear optimization.
Why roll your own matrix/vector/transformation code when there's Eigen?
Alle Profile werden von unserem Team überprüft und erst danach freigeschaltet.
WhirlyGlobe-Maply an open source geospatial display toolkit for iOS and Android.
Libigl is a simple C geometry processing library with wide functionality.
It supports Openfoam, CalculiX, SU2, and several other well-known, as well as in-house solvers.Eigen4AutoIt, a wrapper for the AutoIt scripting language.Eigen is thoroughly tested through its own test suite (over 500 executables the standard blas test suite, and parts of the lapack test suite.Extensions, numerical computation Google's TensorFlow is an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence Google's Ceres solver is a portable C library that allows for modeling and solving large complicated nonlinear least squares problems.Kostenlos, alle wichtigen Funktionen zur Kontaktaufnahme sind kostenlos.The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (mrpt), a set of libraries for slam, localization and computer vision, moved to Eigen (switched from home made math classes).The atlas experiment at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at cern is using Eigen, as reported in this article, noting "Eigen was chosen since it offered the largest performance improvements for atlas use cases of the options investigated." The Large Survey Synoptic Telescope ( website.(switched from vcglib's math classes) Theia, an opensource C structure from motion library tailored for researchers, BSD licensed.This is a maintenance release with few bug fixes and performance regressions since the first release of the.3 series.Note that currently, a few features rely on third-party code licensed under the lgpl: SimplicialCholesky, AMD ordering, and constrained_cg.Furthermore, Eigen provides interface classes for various third-party libraries (usually recognizable by the Eigen Support header name).Alexander is (with Laurent) one of the CMake gurus at KDE!There is no binary library to link to, and no configured header file.If you are looking for a BibTeX entry to use to cite Eigen in academic papers, see the BibTeX page.

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Kalzium uses Eigen indirectly through the aforementioned Avogadro library.