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Persons and organizations willing to join us in our efforts to solve bird-protection problems in our region are welcomed.
There was also an intrit;uinl; record of White Pelican Pelecanusonocrotalus, thefir t record sinc (- 11) 19 of Parific Golden Plover Pluviali.Four and two White-eyed Gulls LaruS leuc'oplithalmus appeared at Eilal.K 1 Eigenhuis, S Gardeslen et all.Pleske (1928) suggested that vellow-legged Herring Gulls should be regarded as a separate subspecies, L a omissus.Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus 38, 3 (irc)nini f tv I emshaven, 5 May, photographed íl 1 R Boon.
It is noteworthy thai in some western European countries Pink-backed Pelican, Lesser Flamint ;o and Hooded Merganser are listed as genuine vagrants.
R E Brousverl ; Balgzand, 1 0 August, adult dating gratis interracial online diensten tip 20, 1h arlults and four juveniles Irouwer.
RK :nrs (Hrnn(nr, I N sniewek rr ; tire r ICFiP 1991 Geillusireerde encyclopedie van de vogels - eert compleet ot-erzicht van alle vot;elsonrten van de wereld Zuid-Hollandsche Uitgeversmaatschappij.
't Was weer op de laatste minuut, maar je hebt er toch weer iets moois van gemaakt.
Hoop je eens tegen te komen op de luchthaven, werk daar nu ook.
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Lans, Lauwersuu; IGroningeni 15 tincomplete description of male seen during a Íew seconds) Siberian Lesser Whitethroal Svlvia curruca blvlhi.?iafirnodendri.