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Pro rege, lege et grege for king, the law and the people Found on the coat of arms of Perth, Scotland.
Said Used to attribute a statement or opinion to its author, rather than the speaker.
Ad honorem to the honour "for the honour not for the purpose of gaining any material reward ad infinitum to infinity Enduring forever.First seen in Isidoro de Sevilla discendo discimus oude vrouw zoekt man while teaching we learn discere faciendo learn by doing Motto of California Polytechnic State University, California, United States.Gens una sumus we are one people Motto of fide.Ego te provoco I challenge you Used as a challenge, "I dare you".2 Agnus Dei Lamb of God Latin translation from John 1: 36, when.Deus vult God wills it The principal slogan of the Crusades.De gustibus non est disputandum of tastes there is nothing to be disputed Less literally, "there is no accounting for taste because they are judged subjectively and not objectively: everyone has his own and none deserve preeminence.It refers to anything done very quickly.Sub umbra floreo Under the shade I flourish National Motto of Belize, referring to the shade of the mahogany tree.Votum separatum separate vow The phrase denotes an independent, minority voice.
Some specific publishers, primarily in news journalism, drop one or both forms of punctuation as a matter of house style.
Stephen School, Chandigarh, India.
The word for "apple" has a long vowel in Latin and the word for "evil" a short a vowel, but they are normally written the same.
Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known or postulated before a proof has been carried out.Clerico intra sacros ordines constituto non eligendo in officium In law, a writ directed to the bailiffs, etc., that have thrust a bailiwick or beadleship upon one in holy orders; charging them to release him.John Selby Watson) damnatio ad bestias condemnation to the beasts Colloquially, "thrown to the lions".Urbs in horto city in a garden Motto of the City of Chicago.Rigor mortis stiffness of death The rigidity of corpses when chemical reactions cause the limbs to stiffen about 34 hours after death.For how much longer, Catiline, will you abuse our patience?Primum mobile first moving thing Or "first thing able to be moved see primum movens primum movens prime mover Or "first moving one".The inverse principle is known as lex posterior.Sola dosis facit venemum the dose makes the poison It is credited to Paracelsus who expressed the classic toxicology maxim "All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison." sola gratia by grace alone A motto.The following variant is also attested: plenus si venter renuit studere libenter (the belly, when full, refuses to study willingly).It has been theorized that this expression is the origin of Italian nulla, French rien, and Spanish and Portuguese nada, all with the same meaning.

Pro scientia atque sapientia for knowledge and wisdom motto of Stuyvesant High School in New York City pro scientia et patria for science and nation motto of the National University of La Plata pro studio et labore for study and work pro tanto for.
Charles Chaplin also used the phrase in The Great Dictator to ridicule Hynkel's (Chaplin's parody of Hitler ) ambition for power, but substituted "nulles" for "nihil".