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Seksuele gezondheid kliniek loughborough

International Nursing History Links From a web site which is part of a research project by Graham Thurgood exploring the history of nursing in West Yorkshire.
Pasted on to it are the signatures of approximately 30,000 women collected in 1891.Nurses from Surinam Photos from the private albums of Surinamese women who came to Holland in the 1950s to become nurses; from the Historical Image Archive on Migrants (Dutch text).Kheel Center Labor Photos The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives' collections contain about 350,000 images that document labor history in the 20th century.New Zealand women and the vote: suffrage and beyond On 19 September 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to grant all women the right to vote in parliamentary elections.Memory Hole Website devoted to individualist anarchism, currently hosted on the 'Pierre.Its mission is to promote interest in Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova and other women in music through education, research, and special projects, in collaboration with other organizations.At the London School of Economics and Political Science.Women in Parliaments: World and Regional Averages Data compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.Maine Women Writers Collection - University of New England Libraries The Maine Women Writers Collection, Abplanalp Library, Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England, is a special collection of published and non-published literary, cultural and social history sources, by and about women authors.The site is built around biographies of 35 suffragists from the region and contains digitized images of photographs, books, calendars, letters, and other memorabilia that relates to them.Beach, New Hampshire Composer A short biography of pianist and composer Amy Beach (1867-1944).
Biographical and bibliographical information, interviews (1973-2002 a selection of recommended readings, and more than sixty unpublished short stories, poems and other texts.
Arbeitskreis interdisziplinäre Hexenforschung akih The Study Group for Interdisciplinary Witchcraft Research is an informal, international and interdisciplinary circle of scholars and laypersons who are interested in scholarly discussions of the history of witchcraft and witchcraft trials, especially in Early Modern Europe.
An interactive website designed for educational purposes by the Belgian The Archive Centre on Womens History AVG - carhif.
Mio, Andrea, Cultura libertaria e nuova societĂ .Margaret Cavendish Society Website An international organization.Women's Writing An international journal focusing on women's writing up to the end of the long nineteenth century.The Archive relocated to Glasgow Women's Library in 1995.Celebrating the role of women in the social and political development of South Australia.