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Clair, promotor Festival East.
Ticket scan found on Ebay auction thanks to Ruud Mols.
The fans obviously enjoyed the loud proceedings and unlike previous tours, they were calling for numbers off Earring's Moontan album instead of pleading for Radar Love all night.
L'illusion ne dure qu'un instant très court et trouve son dating site voor volwassen professionals impact dans cette brièveté : wow, tu l'as vu sauter?The rockgroup has several albums presently on the best-sellerlists.Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, fan info, ad Germany Sounds magazine 01-1974, confirmed show January 12, 1974 München, Bayern (Germany) Theater an der Brienner Strasse Support act Alquin, setlist, PA sound problems (according to) small show review called "Earring Things" in UK Melody Maker magazine.Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, show ticket #578 photo, fan info, Golden Earring fanclub magazine 1981#6 (continuing story part 13 confirmed show April 14, 1972 Slikkerveer Electrozaal Evening show 20 hr, setlist, last show before the closing down of this venue.Their set was flabby in places, occasionally zoekt oudere vrouw neuken brilliant but not taking off until their last number.Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) I concentrate toward them that are nigh, I wait on the door-slab.Special info: Track 7: 37 minutes version.
Robin Trower followed, with Sha Na Na topping the bill.
27 book Golden Earring de Amerikaanse droom page 265, confirmed show September 28, 1974 Houston, Texas Sam Houston Coliseum Golden Earring special guest for Santana.
"Rinus used to play the keyboards but we realized that we needed something to fill out the sound said George.
Een brandweerman vraagt twee wat oudere bezoekers zich met hun stoel uit het gangpad te verwijderen.King will be the Seattle group, Floating Bridge.Als voorbereiding op de internationale toernee en het konsert in de Rotterdamse Ahoy hal hield de Earring op 16, 17 en 18 januari enige try-outs in het kleine zaaltje van het Winterswijkse kulturele centrum.15, 2000 visitors, promotor Jan Pruim en zonen."This time the whole thing was organized much better.I thought he was going to land on top of me!Tour to promote their recent Moontan album, which everyone at our station played and loved, was the first time I had ever seen Golden Earring, although I had become aware of them from back when their cover of Eight Miles High hit the airwaves.

Dag in dag uit van stad naar stad reizen, gekke landingen, geknal in het vliegtuig - daar word je op den duur een beetje paranoia van." Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, Oor Magazine 18 ad, Schilders Nieuws newspaper September 07 1978, Telegraaf newspaper article September.
They had one of the members electrocuted from a wet stage within the recent past and just wouldn't.
De popgroep Golden Earring geeft zaterdagavond in het Rotterdamse sportpaleis Ahoy een avondvullend concert.